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The main mission of CANPLANTRO is a systematic approach to technical solutions and use of the best IT-technology for professional solutions in projects, and for different groups of customers. Solutions proposed by CANPLANTRO improve quality and efficiency of working time with the use of high-tech equipment which has unlimited possibilities.


Hand-Free   Audio-conference   Video-conference

Our company specializes in supplying equipment of «PLANTRONICS», «Jabra», «Sennheizer» - a leading global manufacturer in telephony and professional telephone headsets. Proposed solutions deliver crystal clear sound quality, reliability and comfort, improving employees productivity by 30%. World-class quality and competitive prices are due to the presence of strong ties with leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. We will offer a solution that fits into your planned budget. If the client wishes, we can deliver equipment from Germany, China and Korea.


We offer the following solutions:

Desktops, Congress systems, synchronous translation, wireless broadcasting and more.

Our company originally specialized in supplying and designing of videoconferencing systems under the brand name Polycom (United States) - terminals, servers and gateways SCD, at the same time, we can offer for our customers the equipment from Sony (Japan) - video conferencing terminals, Radvision (Israel) - video conferencing servers and gateways, LifeSize (USA) - videoconferencing terminals.


We can install videoconferencing systems in the offices of managers and top executives, as a complement to existing PCs, or as a standalone unit, transform an ordinary meeting room to room for VIDEOCONFERENCING, equip conference room with video conferencing system with multiple cameras and audio controlled system providing visual contact with video quality at VHS (352x288), create a virtually natural video contact between the parties in High Definition (1280x720).




Those who work in the office

CANPLANTRO creates the best solutions for comfortable processing of telephone calls, interaction with colleagues and working at a computer.
This allows for employees to achieve better results in a short period of time and focus on assigned tasks.


Those who need the freedom to move around the office

CANPLANTRO products allow for individuals to stay mobile and constantly remain in contact with customers and coworkers. Productivity is increased while the use of time is minimized.


Those who need different kinds of communication

CANPLANTRO allows for individuals to perform multiple tasks at the same time, one of them being able to audio and video conference with multiple individuals. The way of communication may include the tracking of presence, software voice capabilities.


Those who work for call-centers and/or offices

We are offering solutions, which are compatible with the fixed phone and Software such as Skype, MSN, etc. Depending on the type of your VoIP we provide solutions for intensive, daily use of necessary equipment.


Those who are in special dispatch services

For special dispatch services that require professional solutions, reliability and comfort in use. We offer solutions for pilots, air traffic controllers and other transportation services.


Those who are mobile people

For those who need to use multiple mobile devices simultaneously at work, while driving or playing sports.


Those who are technologically advanced

Gamers, sound-tech people, those who need to listen to music, VoIP-telephony, interactive learning and virtual games. Multimedia solutions offered by us will allow you to enjoy all this in best quality sound.



Complete cycle of service

Thanks to the professionalism of our staff, international experiences obtained by members of our team and long-established relationships with suppliers, we can offer the full service from the starting ideas to the final decisions in the field of communications.
Full-cycle work enhances the quality of ready-made solutions and can provide real savings in time and project budget.


The continuous expansion of knowledge and experience through staff training

We quickly follow the trends occurring in different segments of the communications market, analyzing them and train our staff to work with the newest solutions in this area.
Our team understands and knows the new trends in the segments of our market.


New directions in business

Newest equipment offered by our company provides new opportunities to develop your business with efficient use of working time.


CANPLANTRO presents a unique program for every individual client

For your convenience we offer the sale of products through our online store and provide the following support to our dealers:

World Wide seller worked with Plantronics since 2003

2010 started working with PLANTRONICS in Canada.



CANPLANTRO is now working with three major brands in the telecommunicating business: Polycom, Jabra, Plantronics.

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